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Our Services


Skate Sharpening

Whether you're a goalie, player, or figure skater, we've got you covered! Our experts ensure the perfect edge for control and agility. Call now for a smoother, sharper, and unbeatable performance on the ice!


Skate Repair/Installation

Our comprehensive skate repair service, encompasses alignment, steel replacement, skate baking, and roller blade installation. Revive your gear and extend its lifespan. Don't let worn-out skates hinder your progress – call now and skate with renewed confidence!


Apparel Stores

ETH Apparel, is your one-stop destination for custom apparel, offering a wide range of name-brand clothing, gear, and accessories. 

Skate Sharpening

Drop Boxes available at Our Chanhassen & Shakopee Locations 
Skates guaranteed to be done by the time we open the next day
  • Skate Sharpening
  • Skate Contouring
  • Skate Repair
  • Skate Alignment
  • Steel Replacement
  • Holder Replacement
  • Marsblade/Roller Chassis Installation
  • After Market Steel Replacement
  • Mail In Skate Servicing 
  • After Hours Secure Skate Drop Box
  • Custom Skate Fitting
  • Skate Baking
  • Recreational Figure Skate Sharpening
  • Competitive Figure Skate Sharpening
  • Goalie Skate Sharpening
  • Custom Shot Blockers
  • Consignment Skate Sales
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Apparel Sales
  • Online Apparel Store

Hockey Accessories

Hockey Tape

Clear Shin, White, Black, Colored Grip, Pattern Tape, Thick Tape, & Lizard Skin Grip

Hockey Skate Laces

Wax and Non-Wax Multiple Colors


Hockey Pucks

Black Practice, Blue Mite, Orange Weighted, & White Goalie Trianing Pucks

Hockey Skate Socks

Moisture wicking socks you wear in your skates

Hockey Compression Shorts

Athletic supporters for men & women

​Coaches Supplies

White Boards, Whistles, Score Books, Puck Bags, Sweet Stick/ Honing Stones

Hockey Base Layer Apparel, Water Bottles, ​​Water Bottles, ​Stick End Plugs,

​Stick Wax, Hockey Skate Insoles, Sticks, Protective Equipment, Custom Team Apparel, Fan Wear and much more!

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