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Team Orders

Let ETH Apparel powered by EdegTek Hockey be your one stop shop for all of your custom apparel needs.  We offer many name brand clothing, gear, and accessories.


We specialize in business & team apparel, and events. If you have a bachelor, bachelorette party soon, Homecoming football game or family reunion, we have you covered! Need names or numbers on your jerseys or t-shirts? We guaranteed 48 hour turn around time all at competitive pricing! Sell all of your custom sports/team gear, in one spot, online, without the hassle. 

Contact us today!!!

Eli Golder - or (952)-237-3553

Anthony Perkins -

Matthew Underwood -

Personalized Store
Easy Payments

We work with you to create your own password protected store.  You simply need to share the link!  You get to chose the items and the selling dates and we will do rest!

All financial transactions will take place between us and your customers, so you don't have to worry about collecting funds.


You have the option to increase the sale price on any or all items and you get to keep the profit as a fundraiser.

More coming soon!

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